Rainforest and Savanah

Rainforest and savanah
Separated by a thin strip of mountains not 1000 metres high.

The deep dark impenetrable rainforest dense green.


The other side of the mountains
The savanah
Open forest
The grass a greeny bronze
Higher than my head.


The savanah and the rainforest each have their own special beauty
Their own special meaning for being.


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4 Responses to Rainforest and Savanah

  1. I love Cape Trib – you image of the beach is sublime!


  2. Karin Sonntag says:

    Hi Mike,

    thank you for another awesome post. looks like i’ll have to go on a road trip and follow your footsteps. I feel like i’m missing out on too many adventures now!!!

    cheers Karin xxx

    Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 11:37:39 +0000 To: nirak@hotmail.co.uk


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