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Why Omeo?

Oh me oh Oh my oh why Omeo I’ve been to Omeo on three occasions Twice after crossing the Victorian Alps Once over Mount Hotham The other time through Falls Creek and the Bogong High Plains These great riding/driving routes converge … Continue reading

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I used to own a Laverda

I used to own a Laverda a big snorting dragon of a thing wild and powerful 1000cc brute A machine not for the feint of heart   It took me across the Nullarbor Plain through the mountains to Thredbo and … Continue reading

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Art, Craft , Engineering – sometimes separated by a thin line

I often think of art in nature or is that nature and art the beauty lines and curves symmetry colour and light I remember in Kenya Birds Flamingo Such colour In art we try and capture such things often beautifully … Continue reading

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