Touring Northern UK on the mighty Breva II – a picture narrative 

Went to England but not London 

Went to Scotland but not Edinburgh 

Didn’t do Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds 

Touring a motorbike is on a different path

With strange admirers along the way

Crossing the Burway on the Welsh/English border

Started in Stoke

Made it to the top

Coast to coast

From Newcastle in the east

To Skye in the west

Past castles grand

And those that bare the scars of Britain’s violent history. 

Sinclair Castle

In search of monsters real or legend 

In the highlands

Fortingall Hotel Central Highlands

View from the Burway

And in the low

Smoo cave on the North Coast 500

Went to England and didn’t do London 

In Scotland missed Edinburgh 

But saw a bit. 

Mighty Breva II loaded and ready for the European adventure to come

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6 Responses to Touring Northern UK on the mighty Breva II – a picture narrative 

  1. Jude says:

    Fabulous post and great photos, I love that first pic with the bike and the chimney! Keep in touch, we look forward to showing you a bit of the Dordogne 🙂


  2. zed14 says:

    While you may not have got to London or Edinburgh you did get to see some spectacular scenery.

    Loved the photos.


  3. Peter Ring says:

    Great trip so far Mick. Stay upright. Peter R


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