Maloja Pass Mudslide

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The Alps are a beautiful but precipitous place.

The mudslide is a reminder of the both the beauty and power of nature.

Albula Pass

Shifting rocks above the Pass

It takes my thoughts drift back to the indigenous Australians and their relationship to land.

No deity in the heavens it’s is the land that nurtures and provides. It’s the land that has wrath.

Story of land

So as I sit in the Vezere a place where humanity survived the ice age. I can reflect on the power of nature.

Humanity may try to destroy itself through nuclear war or climate change or our greed and averice nature will continue.

My heart goes out to those who lost lives and property in the beautiful Swiss Italian border country.


12 thoughts on “Maloja Pass Mudslide

  1. Don’t make me so envious. My paternal family lived in the mountains of Ticino and left for London in the 1880s from Stresa on Lake Maggiore. Tony A.


  2. ‘No deity in the heavens it’s the land that nurtures and provides. It’s the land that has wrath’ – love those words Mick – were they yours or someone else’s? Had a look for the little digging machine that you saw, but not in these pics. 🙂


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