Autumn in the Snowy Mountains (Australian Alps)

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Ghost Gully Campground

The still winds

The warm last days of summer

Moving into Autumn

Called me to the Mountains

The Snowy Mountains

Natures call

The primal call to be in the wild

In an ancient land


A land of Snowgums and Stringybarks

Sacred to the indigenous people of the land

The land of the Man From Snowy River

A land of


Ghosts and



Swampy Plains River at Geehi campsite

The Snowy’s catching the clouds and sending water in creeks and rivers into the plains below

Little creeks and springs


Fresh water spring at Ghost Gully

That flow over waterfalls


feed into the big rivers that water the plains


Murray River


Murray River at Tintaldra


For cattle


For the native animals


Kangaroos and wood ducks and Geehi Flats Camp


In the bare

Wild nature

The sky smiling

As angels travel

In the beauty of nature




In the Snowy Mountains

As summer ends


Camp at Ghost Gully


Back home

Adventure, Australia, NSW, photography, Poetry, travel

I’m back home

But can’t settle

Miss the rumbling wheels beneath me

Melbourne still a touch too cold

So headed north

The warm arms of the north were beckoning me

To reach the humid warmth of the sub tropics

In northern NSW

Gibraltar ranges

The rolling curves of the mountains

Ebor falls

The water flowing through moist valleys

Emerald beach

And smooth flow of the sandy beach, the water warm and welcoming.

Coal Mine or Food bowl

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Bylong Way south of the Hunter Valley

Rolling green pasture

Snaking River

Looking over the Goulburn River at the start of the Bylong Way

Looking over the Goulburn River at the start of the Bylong Way

The road snaking and curving under the tyres of my bike

Along the northern edge of the Blue Mountains

Looking to the Blue Mountains over the Bylong Valley

Looking to the Blue Mountains over the Bylong Valley

Will this be lost

Will it be dug up

For a coal mine

Such a waste of land

And of history

Towns sitting in the pasture land

Nestled under the Blue Mountains


Kandos nestled under the Blue Mountains


2000 km south…

Adventure, Australia, Motorbikes, NSW, Poetry, travel

What a difference 2000 km makes
A couple of weeks ago I was on the Atherton Tableland
1000 metres high
A mild 14 degrees overnight

Last night
1000 metres high
The New England Tableland was -3
The frost white on the grass this morning.

It’s the last day of winter
And I’m heading south
Back home

It’s now sheep country not cattle
The Brahman studs replaced by merino studs

On a clear day the air is crisp and dry
The moist tropical air way north.

On the bike Im wearing 5 layers of clothes
Its now 2000 km south

Australian Legends

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I had ridden up to Jingellic to join some others camping on the side of the Murray River in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.  It was ANZAC day, in a part of the country linked to national legends, the men of the Snowy Mountains and the headwaters of the Murray River  – Australia’s biggest river. It was cool and crisp camping by the river and on ANZAC Day the memorial service remembered other local legends who had died at Gallipoli and other fields of battles since. Other local legends. P4251099 Australian Legends Mountain men Snowy Mountain Men Murray river men

ANZAC Day service in Walwa

ANZAC Day service in Walwa

Hard men of the bush Dead on foreign shores But the river still flows Still on the surface Reflecting The mountains around The sky The heaven as a cloud hangs in the valley The river A mirror on the surface Is flowing relentlessly below

Murray River at Jingellic

Murray River at Jingellic