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Back on the Celtic Ray

Back in Glasgow The light The buildings have a new feel Sight Texture I’ve been touched by the Celtic Ray (the Awen) ‘Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and WalesI can hear the mothers’ voices calling“Children, children, children”Listen Jimmy! I want to go home.Listen Jimmy! … Continue reading

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Glasgow and people 

A hundred and fifty years ago Glasgow was the second city of the empire A centre of heavy industry such as shipbuilding and textile manufacture A centre of design, typified by the Glasgow architecture.  But a century or so later Glasgow … Continue reading

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Boys Big Bike Bash in Tassie

    It was a boys big bike bash looping Tassie like it was a race track Roaring bikes From the cold damp west coast Misty wet Queenstown settled in the heart of the wild west coast windy roads in … Continue reading

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Tassie (Tasmania)

    I’ve looked at Tassie from both sides now from in and out and still somehow Its Tassie’s illusion I recall I really don’t know Tassie at all (will apologies to Joni Mitchell)   I’m going to Tassie again … Continue reading

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ISAF World Cup Sailing – Melbourne 2016

It was a beautiful early summer day and here I was a volunteer official on the finish line of the last round – the medal round – of the ISAF World Cup. I know a little about race officiating but was … Continue reading

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Impressions of Spain 2 – Cadiz

Cadiz Old City 3000 years old Inhabited by Phoenicians Romans Goths Moors Through to the Spanish “Golden Years”     Flourishing Gold and other trade from the Americas Trading through its port Building a flourishing city Grand Cathedral     … Continue reading

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Impressions of the Netherlands and the Dutch 

Having spent, off and on, a couple of weeks in the Netherlands and travelling a couple of thousand kilometres across Europe with a bunch of of Dutch Moto Guzzi riders has left me with some powerful impressions of this place … Continue reading

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