Goodbye to the Melbourne winter

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I’m saying goodbye to the Melbourne winter

Cold old Melbourne winter

Windy cold icy Melbourne winter

Still cold Melbourne winter where the weak sun warms the skin but not the bones.

My home town

In many ways a beauty by the bay

View of Melbourne from Williamstown on a clear winters day

She sparkles at night

Arts centre and cafes in Bourke Street

And by some standards its not as cold as others suffer

You can even ride your motorbike.

But when the icy rain falls from the grey skies

Its time for this adventurer to give his goodbyes.

Welcome me the warm arms of Europa.

Chapter 3 of my European motorcycle adventure is about to begin.


NYE Yarra River Cruise to the fireworks in Melbourne, Victoria

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The vessel

Futura in her pen flag flying ready for NYE

A full moon to guide us

The skipper preparing the boat

Image by Brian Mckinnon

The merry revelers on board

Up the river under the Westgate bridge

Keeping watch for other vessels

Image by Brian McKinnon

Image by Brian McKinnon

Under the Bolte bridge

The city skyline full of light

Image by Brian Mckinnon

Then at midnight the fireworks

Image by Brian Mckinnon

Image by Brian Mckinnon

Now it’s 2018!!!!!

After the storm

Adventure, Australia, Poetry, Victoria

Post storm sunset over Port Phillip

After the storm

The clouds clear

And the sun appears

At sunset clouds are as grey/silver scars

on the pink sky

A sky seemingly sensitive as if beaten by the storm.

The clouds and the colour fade

And the sky again blue

The sun’s it’s clear light

Comes in the morning

Fills the day

Melbourne can be a little different

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As the rest of Australia Swelters

In Melbourne has a top to day of 19c

As the Lunar New Year Celebrations draw to the end

There was Chinese dancing at Victoria Market


With traditional music and movement

Then in a change of pace the music for the chicken dance came from the speaker.

Not very Chinese I think

As kids got up to dance to a familiar tune.



Doing the Chicken Dance

But, of course, this is the Year of the Rooster

So why not use a European Drinking song which has chicken in the title!

Only in Multicultural Melbourne

Where cultures and traditions blend happily.


ISAF World Cup Sailing – Melbourne 2016

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Rounding the mark and heading for home in the women’s 470 final

It was a beautiful early summer day and here I was a volunteer official on the finish line of the last round – the medal round – of the ISAF World Cup.

I know a little about race officiating but was a little nervous about such a big event as we waited at St Kilda Marina to pick of the other officials.  My club the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club had provided our club boat to be the set the finish line and record the results.

Maria from Valencia (oh how I loved Spain) quickly assured us that we needed to just do as she said.  Press the hooter when she said now, raise the flag when she said now etc.

She was a quiet woman but chatting away after fine tuning the reach angles and waiting for starts her experience was slowly revealed an on water official at two Olympics, Principal race offer for the TP52 series in Europe.

Great I just did what I was told, enjoy the racing and take some photos.


470 men’s start

From the boat we had a great view of the start and the final rounding mark leading to the finish.

We were officiating 5 races all deciding the series for that class.

There was the Men’s and Women 470 class.


Men’s 470s under spinnaker

The Finn a hard boat to sail for big strong blokes.


Finn Start


Jake Lilley of Australia using all his strength to keep the boat flat and heading for the medal

The women’s laser radial and men’s laser the boats of single handed skill.



Maneuvering at the start of the Women’s Laser Radial

The last race the Men’s laser


A tightly fought race,

with a fairy tale end.


Thumbs up as he gets the winners signal

With Pavlos Kontides winning his first ever international series gold medal,  having won an Olympic Silver Medal and many other placings in a decade of senior sailing in the laser.

My home town – Melbourne, Australia

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View of the Melbourne CBD across Hobsons Bay from Williamstown

Melbourne is my home town

A large sprawling modern city

A beautiful city in many ways.


With a strong sense of the Arts

Offering major exhibitions


Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibition



Both inside and out of the galleries


Projections onto the National Gallery wall

A Sporting and Multicultural City


Local Australian Football

Melbourne is a great sporting city,

Hosting an Olympic Games, ,the home of the Australian Tennis Open, Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup, the Boxing Day Cricket Test, the MCG and the birthplace of Australian Football.

But it is community level football that in many ways captures the multicultural nature of Melbourne. Where the locals teams include the players with heritage from every continent – migrants old and new and indigenous Australians all in the game.

And on the sidelines the Lebanese mothers wear their Hijabs in the home teams colours.



Sometimes there is a special moment, a wonderful day , that makes one reflect on where you are, where you spend most of your time and the special things about it.

It was a early autumn day in Melbourne.

I had been waiting to find the time to go to the National Gallery to see the wonderfully curated exhibition of the works or Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei.

A free Saturday morning gave me the opportunity.

Then in the afternoon my son played footy in a team that embodies the multicultural spirit of Melbourne a team made up of local people whose heritage stemmed from Polynesia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and captain coached by an indigenous Australian.

As I stood at my sons game and ate a kebab wrapped in a European  style bun, talking to the retired primary school teacher who had taught “80% of the kids” I reflected on how special my home town is.