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Waning Moon – Night Sailing

Alone at night the sky full of the milky way clear in the darkness   The sea black the phosphorescence sparkling in the wake of my boat as she cuts her way through the sea the light autumn breeze providing … Continue reading

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Tassie (Tasmania)

    I’ve looked at Tassie from both sides now from in and out and still somehow Its Tassie’s illusion I recall I really don’t know Tassie at all (will apologies to Joni Mitchell)   I’m going to Tassie again … Continue reading

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A place of special serenity for me

Apollo Bay On the south west coast of Victoria is the little place of serenity Nestled between the Otway mountains and the sea A quiet fishing village in the cold of winter I have ridden or sailed there innumerable times … Continue reading

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Art, Craft , Engineering – sometimes separated by a thin line

I often think of art in nature or is that nature and art the beauty lines and curves symmetry colour and light I remember in Kenya Birds Flamingo Such colour In art we try and capture such things often beautifully … Continue reading

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